Massage Spa Scarborough: We Invite You to Step Away from Your Busy Life to Enjoy Peace, Serenity and Relaxation

At Alfa Spa and Wellness, we offer a wide variety of massage therapy sessions that ensure a perfect balance of your body, mind, and soul. The Massage Spa in Scarborough is designed keeping in mind the need for the body to be relieved of any form of pain or stress. Furthermore, the spa packages at Alfa Spa and Wellness permit our guests to choose the package which meets their specific requirements and desires and ensures the experience is a memorable one. The uniform massage technique ensures that the guests experience the original message service every time and everywhere by the certified therapists at our Spa. Thus, for the search for the best spa near me gets over at Alfa Spa and Wellness.


Massage Scarborough

Massage Near Me: Find Alfa Spa & Wellness for Various Massages in Scarborough

Different Types of Massage Scarborough Offered:-

The Back and Shoulder Massage:

This specific technique of massage makes use of pressure from the fingers, hands as well as elbows on the tension areas- the back and the shoulder. The guests usually have to sit on a massage chair which is specially designed to give total comfort during and post the massage. This treatment is the best for getting rid of jet lags, easing the strain and tension in the body, mobilizing of stiff joints, as well as improving the blood circulation.

Classic Massage:

The Classic Massage offered by our Spa ensures that the guests feel relaxed, stress-free and renewed after the massage. The massage therapist makes use of a combination of a series of techniques such as gliding, kneading, along with the soft rhythmic movement of the joints. Numerous pressure levels are used in the session. Similar to “Swedish massage” the session also includes a variety of massage techniques that enable deep relaxation and a renewed feeling. This Wellness or Relaxation massage can be undertaken for pre-natal, minors, sportspersons, as well as any other unique conditions which require rejuvenation of the body and mind. With this Massage Scarborough, you will surely feel rejuvenated.

Stress Management Massage Session:

This Stress Management session is based on the classic massage, but the additional focus is on the reduction of physiological stress like as anxiety, fatigue, restlessness, and mild depression. The massage therapist focuses on and aims at reducing general body pain. Various Methods are included in this massage session – some of the methods may need functional breathing or a deep and focused pressure on muscles used to breathe to minimize the trigger point activity and focused pressure in muscles of the neck and shoulder. Post the massage, Clients have indicated feeling a change of perspective and better clarity as well as a feeling of rejuvenation.

Pain Management Massage Session:

The most common reason to head in for a massage is to gain relief from muscle pain. To overcome the pain, the massage therapist provides the classic massage session but adapts it to address the pain sensations. The massage therapist combines numerous methods which might include different pressure levels as well which targets issues like of restoring normal blood movement, reducing stiffness, minimizing the trigger point areas and calming your nervous system. Procedures like the myofascial release or gentle stretching might be used by the therapist. Post the Pain Management therapy, clients indicate they feel refreshed and rejuvenated with Massage Spa Scarborough.

Functional Mobility Massage Session:

As the term indicates, the purpose of this massage is to ensure ease of movement of limbs without facing any pain, aches or stiffness. The massage therapist builds on the classic massage and targets the joint movements as well as muscle functioning from the surface to the deeper tissue layers. This session might include methods that use deeper pressure as well as movement to minimize the trigger points, to support common myofascial pliability and to maximize the flexibility in short and stiff tissues. People who are quite physically active or who are beginning an exercise regimen will notice that this massage supports mobility and supports an active lifestyle.

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