Body pain, muscle pain, and back pain—these are just some of the things that we experience after working, exercising, or even after doing simple tasks in our daily life. Even millennials are experiencing these kinds of pains, but having massage therapy is a better way to alleviate body pains. Massage therapy should not be done by someone who did not have proper training and educational background on how to do this in the right way because instead of relieving the pain, the massage may worsen it. In Alfa Spa, they offer massage therapy in Scarborough and massage therapy in Vaughan.


Close-up of calm female and male taking pleasure during massage

Who is the Appropriate Group to do a Massage?

Long before, the title of masseur (male) or masseuse (female) is given to a person who was trained and qualified to do massage therapy. However, these titles are old-fashioned and have some negative associations. Nowadays, Registered Massage Therapists are given to someone who is licensed and qualified to perform massage therapy. With the training and educational background they got from the College of Massage Therapy of Ontario (CMTO), following the Regulated Professions Act and the Massage Act, they know what to do and how to deal with the pain you are suffering from.


What Do You Need to Know Before the Massage?

But before setting a schedule with your chosen spa in Vaughan or Scarborough, there are things that you should know when having a 




RMT-Massage-VaughanProper Clothing

First, you will be asked to undress where you may feel awkward, and that