Ultherapy Toronto: Non-surgical, Non-invasive Ultrasound Treatment to Lift and Tighten Skin Around Neck, Brow and Chin

Alfa Spa and Wellness provides non-surgical ultherapy Toronto to achieve improvement of facial features resulting in a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

Ultherapy Toronto

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is the sole non-invasive FDA approved process that lifts the skin on the neck area, underneath the chin and the eyebrow area. It is FDA approved and reduces the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles around the décolletage area. Ultherapy enables you to get a fresher look right from the brows to the chest! It makes use of ultrasound energy that is time-tested which lifts as well as tightens the skin the natural way—without any surgery or any downtime.

Benefits of Ultherapy at Toronto:

  • It is Focused Ultrasound and no Surgery is involved:

The power of ultrasound is harnessed by Ultherapy that transforms the brows, chin area, area around the neck and chest. Ultrasound has been utilized in the medical field for 50 years or more and is established as an effective procedure in clinical studies* which has been used in millions of treatments around the world.

  • Ultherapy is an Uplift:

In the 80’s came the fillers, followed by lasers and Botox and then there is surgery, of course. All these procedures are helpful in their own way. Today, there is Ultherapy — which is a non-invasive procedure of tissue lifting around the face and neck area. It has created a completely new segment in aesthetics.

  • Safe and Time-Tested Process:

Ultherapy is a new procedure which is non-surgical and non-invasive and is uses ultrasound around the neck and brow area and allows the natural healing process of the body to lift, and tone up as well as tighten the loose skin.

Ultherapy is FDA-approved and uses a procedure which applies the safe and time-tested ultrasound energy to vitalize the skin’s deep support layer—inclusive of those usually focused in surgical facelifts — without causing any disturbance to the skin’s surface.

  • Gives Natural and Noticeable Results:

Ultherapy is a procedure where there is no downtime or no use of foreign substances, no extreme change; but just a healthy stimulation on the inside of the skin which leaves a natural and noticeable impact on the outside of the skin.

With Ultherapy Toronto, after the 30-60-minute procedure, you can continue with your normal daily affairs without any hindrance. You may observe a short-term “lift”, however the natural way of creation of new and more elastic skin as well as collagen is built over time—it is quite similar to the impact exercise has on building your muscles (but here, there are no multiple workouts!).

The Charm of Ultherapy Toronto:

At Alfa Spa and Wellness, we wish to reassure you that patience is the key, and the results can take a minimum 2-3 months to unravel. Some patients have also noted a continuous improvement for about 6 months. Ultherapy proves to be quite an appealing option for people who do not wih to undergo surgery, even though ultrasound does not match the result of a surgery.

When the skin matures, its collagen fibers which give the internal support get worn out.  The ultrasound energy of Ultherapy goes skin deep to commence the body’s natural process of repair. Over a period of time, this leads to the creation of new skin, healthy and strong collagen and numerous positive changes to the skin. The results are a gradual process as the rejuvenation procedure takes place the natural way.  Similar to the strengthening of muscles or be it growing tall, the process takes place over time and is not visible every day, the impact of Ultherapy is a slow and subtle process.


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Ultherapy Price List Guest Price New Year Special
Eyebrow & Forehead
(200 pulses)
$1050 $870
Lower Face
(450 pulses)
$1650 $1320
Lower Face & Chin
(600 pulses)
$2750 $2200
(180 pulses)
$900 $720
(300 pulses)
$1150 $920
Full Face & Chin
(800 pulses)
$3380 $2700
Full Face & Neck
(1100 pulses)
$4400 $3500
(260 pulses)
$1050 $840