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What we are looking for

You may submit any kinds of original content, as long as it relates to massage topics and other topics related this website.  Please note that we do not publish any articles that is not original or published by some other place including your own blog.  Before submitting, please do check our policy and please check grammer mistakes in your content.  Remember for format your content with headings, sections, paragraphs, and etc.

What is the next step

We will approve the content before public pulishing.  We will let you know if the content is approved.  Please always leave your contact information, such as your name,  company name, email address, and other related information.  You may add your short company introduction or a short biography for personal introduction.

Press Style

We follow the Canadian Press style.  This website is mainly for Toronto and Vaughan area in Ontario province.  Keep in mind what our audiences are so that you can always write to the correct audience.  We follow the Oxford dictionary for words spelling.


  • Generally speaking, the length of the content should be no less than 1,500 words.  The longer your content is, the more chance we will approve it.  Around 3,000 words is the best for us.
  • We sometimes approve contents less than 1500 words for special situations as well.

Required Material for Submission

  1. Please let us know what is the date you would like to publish your content
  2. The content you are planning to publish
  3. Your contact Information + short company introduction/personal biography
  4. Other related information that you would like us to know


You own your content.  We just publish your original article first, before others do it.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!